There are two categories of arts: performing arts and visual arts. The performing arts include dance, music, and theater that are typically performed for an audience. The famous ones are opera, ballet, dramatic acting, comedy, modern theatre, and spoken word.

Performing arts is entirely different from visual arts. In visual arts, props, canvas and other material are used to make temporary or permanent art objects. The visual arts category is all about the communication and artistic expression of ideas, whereas the performing arts category is all about placing emphasis on the performer.

The Different Kinds of Arts


Theatre is the most popular of all performing arts. The term theatre is generally used to describe any kind of public entertainment, regardless of whether it is visual arts, theatrical arts, dance, music, literature, or visual culture. Theatre can include both stage plays and musicals.

Students may decide to study theatre at an early age. They may also wish to take a theatre course after their high school years in an attempt to get a professional diploma in theatre. Theatre lovers typically enjoy attending the world-famous Broadway shows.

In theatre, students learn to write a script, develop their stage presence, and develop their skills as performers on the stage. After completing a theatre study degree, you will likely find yourself wanting to become a theatre director, theatre manager or stage star.


Dancing and movement are two more widely known aspects of performing arts. The dance styles of the day are now referred to as avant-garde or contemporary dance. The dance of the past had no set form and was often very natural looking. The contemporary dance style is highly choreographed and very dynamic. It involves a wide range of movements and body poses.

Dance studies vary from student to student. Students who want to learn about classical dance or salsa may choose to study dance at an intermediate level. Dance studies can include ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop dance.


Photography is one of the most popular visual arts. Photography involves using film to capture still shots and photographs. The film used in photography has evolved over the years into a highly technical, highly creative medium.

Filmmakers use a wide range of special effects and lighting techniques to create images with visual richness, realism, depth and dimension. Photography can be used for artistic expression as well as for commercial purposes.

Visual arts

Visual arts are those artistic expressions that involve all of the senses. Visual artists use paints, pencils, charcoal, watercolors, linseed oil, charcoal, and other mediums to create unique works of art. This type of art career can take place in museums, art galleries, art schools, private homes, or as a professional artist.

Many of today’s greatest visual artists started as teachers and mentors to others in the visual arts field. Some of the most well-known artists use their teaching experience to teach other artists how to express themselves creatively.

The Different Kinds of Arts

Modern-day visual Arts

The modern-day visual arts include motion graphics, 3D modeling and computer animation. Motion graphics help to construct and design realistic computer animations and visual presentations. 3D modeling uses actual humans as models. Computer animation involves creating films and video games using computer-generated images, often using complex special effects lights.